Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords


Reg #: 41141619

Sire: HRP THM Victor 109W 9329
Dam: RHF 964 Victra 4057

A dark red, heavily pigmented, conservatively marked Victor bull that has been successfully used throughout the country for many years, in producing outstanding females and popular herd bulls like TH 719T, TH 755T, and KJ Logic. BL bought full interest in 71I at the JWR dispersal and uses him extensively in its AI and ET programs. Semen available.
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords


Reg #: 42383827

Sire: DJB 5F Victor 11K
Dam: DJB 46B Beth 1L

Being the first calf birthed by the incomparable Beth 1L cow would be enough to promote him, but seeing his daughters in production would be even more! Females sired by 11N consistently have udders and milk flow to dream for, carrying on the legacy of Beth 1L, the full sister to P606. Semen available.
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords


Reg #: 41003249

Owned with Sandhill Farms

Sire: Remitall Casino 12C
Dam: Remitall Zermarvel 111Z

Premier herd sire of Remitall and of Sandhill in the 1990s and 2000s that raised both of those legendary Hereford operations to higher levels. BL has owned an interest in Governor since 2011 and keeps his genetic excellence alive with selective AI breeding. Semen available.
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords


Reg #: 42964036

Sire: Remitall Super Duty 42S
Dam: Remitall Marvel 105N

BL’s “senior sire”, who has been the front pasture, most used bull since BL purchased him as a nursing calf in the 2008 Remitall dispersal sale. In addition to being a son of the $270,000 Super Duty, his dam, sired by Online, is also the dam of the 78T donor cow jointly owned by BL and Remitall-West. His genetics run throughout the BL herd and will for years to come. Semen available.
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords


Reg #: 43017834

Sire: ALH 034 Plato Dom 0424
Dam: DJB 46B Beth 1L

Another son of the Beth 1L cow, that is bred to be the “first calf” bull he has proven to be. Low birth weights, easy calving, good growth and excellent maternal qualities are what he produces, and his genetic package will long be here. Semen available.
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords

GV WSF 430 NO RISK 9366 ET

Reg #: 43042507

Owned with Wooden Shoe Farms

Sire: CMR TF 242 Garrett 430
Dam: Haroldsons WLC Mona ET 327N

Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords

BL bought an interest in NoRisk when he was a yearling, in part because he was so phenotypically appealing, because he was genetically certain to foster calving ease, and because of how outstanding his dam was. All of that has proven true, especially the record of his dam. For example, she is the dam of both the reserve junior calf champion bull and another young bull second in his class, both by different sires, at the 2016 Denver National Show. NoRisk has been walking BL’s pastures since 2013 and producing excellent calves. Semen available.
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords


Reg #: 43186612

Sire: THM Durango 4037
Dam: THM Kelly 29F 3043

Rango came to BL as a yearling from the nationally recognized Tommy Mead program in GA, sired by the well-known Durango bull and out of the Kelly donor cow who has sons working in multiple herds around the country. His calving-ease, conservatively marked calves have been favorites at BL.
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords

Walker BL Boise 88X W19 434B

Reg #: 43475310

Sire: NJW 98S R117 Ribeye 88X ET
Dam: Snowshoe P606 Perfect Miss W19

Now, here’s the man! Being sired by the popular and legendary 88X bull who produced champions and high-dollar progeny for Colyer, NJW and others throughout the country is attractive enough, but Boise’s dam is truly outstanding. At the Walker sales in 2013 and 2014, W19 and her two sons and daughter and grandson (being the entire young family) sold for a total of $112,000. Boise was still nursing on W19 as her third calf when BL purchased him in the 2014 sale, and he has grown into a heavily muscled, moderately framed, dark red, fully pigmented, red necked, athletic bull enjoying his first breeding season in the Spring of 2016. Excitement over him abounds at BL.
Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords


Reg #: 43305172

Sire: MSU TCF Revolution 4R
Dam: Remitall Catalina ET 150L

“Mo” was a nursing calf when BL couldn’t resist his pedigree and bought him in the 2012 Mohican sale. Sired by the popular Revolution 4R bull and out of the Governor 236G/Catalina 24H cow fit well in the BL program, and Z431has grown into a fine bull that we intend to use extensively for many years.